Ghost Tours


In this exciting collaboration between Sherbrooke Village and Dead Reckoning Theatre Company out of Chicago, playwright Andrew Marchetti taps the incredible folklore of Ms. Helen Creighton in a manner as ready for the stage as it is the heritage sites of the museum.

This thrilling tour offered twice weekly on Tuesday and Friday nights will feature authentic accounts drawn from Creighton's collected songs, stories, and accounts. Using Bluenose Ghosts and Bluenose Magic as the anchors, this two hour tour  showcases authentic and original attire to be donned by each patron who will be lead on an after hours tour to multiple locations within the Village in an effort to discover the unknown identity of a mysterious Shadow that now haunts the grounds. 

Do not delay! Get your tickets now for this incredibly exclusive affair. Group size is limited to a paltry 12 wayfarers for each tour making our 2024 run available to less than 200 lucky souls. 

Each patron can expect to be rightfully spooked! Historical accounts, maritime folklore, ghost stories, superstitions, architectural histories, and Sherbrooke lore will all be shared and wrapped up in an expertly penned & performed tour. The climax is sure to wow even the most staunch non-believers. 


*** Not for the faint of heart or dear hearts prone to fainting.