Costume interpreter standing on road in Sherbrooke Village
Sherbrooke Village

Village Treasures & Gift Shop

Village made crafts made by our wood turners, potters, weavers, printers and blacksmiths, as well as a large selection of souvenirs and giftware.

Our Camps

Painting Camp

Instructor Susan Paterson leads students in our annual 4-day painting workshop with focus on watercolour or oil painting.

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Songwriters' Music Camp

Improve your abilities in the art, technique & craft of song writing! Come to the shores of the beautiful St. Mary’s River for a song writing experience.

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Photography Camp

Sherbrooke Village hosts an annual 4-day photography workshop led by Wally Hayes.

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Step into 1867 - Discoverer Experience

A hands-on experience to appreciate, reflect, and enjoy the culture of a booming small town during the 1860's - 1890's in rural Nova Scotia. Play dress up at Sherbrooke Village for a culturally immersive experience like no other! Who will you become today?

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Step into 1867 - Explorer Experience

We provide the clothing and the atmosphere representative of a typical Nova Scotia village of the 1860's. You provide the spontaneity to explore and discover life in the 1860's on your own! You'll be surprised how different your experience will be just stepping into the attire of the past.

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Wood Chips & Wooden Spoons One Day Experience

Make a functional wooden spoon with your own two hands as you learn the technique of the spokeshave & gouge. You'll be beaming with pride after your introduction to the fine ( & addictive hobby!) of woodcarving.

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Print & Press One Day Experience

Sherbrooke Village's Master Printer will share all she knows about the art as it was back in the 1800's. Spend the day in the authentic print shop and custom make your very own printed creation.

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Sherbrooke Village

Woodworking Shop

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