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    Ambrotype is a unique form of photography in which pictures are taken on glass. 

    The first steps to taking a photo is preparing the glass plate. The plate has to be cleaned and then covered in collodion, which is sticky liquid used to help hold the image. The Collodion is poured on to the glass and with great care and skill the Ambrotype photographer gently tilts the plate in circular motion until the entire glass is covered. The plate is then immersed in a silver nitrate bath, to make it light sensitive, and it is placed in a shield. 

    From this point the plate is taken to the camera  where it requires 10 to 40 seconds of exposure. After exposure, the shield and plate are removed from the camera and taken to the darkroom where the developing fluid is poured onto the plate. 

    The developing fluid must be washed off the plate before it begins to eat the image away. After rinsing, the picture is fixed with a potassium cyanide and water solution. When the photography is completely done, it is varnished, and black backing added, making the photograph appear black and white. 

    The Sherbrooke Village Studio is proud to be one of the few studios in the world that carries on this fine old photographic process. 

    The Ambrotype photographers have taken still photo's of objects and scenery of Sherbrooke Village available for sale at Village Treasures & Gift Shop. 

    Visitors to the Sherbrooke Studio are able to don period dress and have their portrait taken in this magical 19th Century Process, 

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