Saltwater Joy Courthouse Concert

Old Time, Atlantic Coast Music!

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Saltwater Joy in a nutshell

The Saltwater Joy Band, launched from Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, is currently making waves 
with the resurgence of what the band refers to as “Old Time Atlantic Coast Music."

Saltwater Joy performs a lineup of well-known songs from East Coast favorite artists: John 
Allan Cameron, Anne Murray, Rita MacNeil, Stan Rogers, Hank Snow, Ron Hynes, Wayne 
Chaulk, Stompin’ Tom Connors (and more), and the band’s show is reminiscent of the very 
popular “Singalong Jubilee” program.

With the strong Irish influence in Atlantic Coast Music, Saltwater Joy plays well-known 
singalong Newfoundland Irish folk and sea songs, along with traditional and popular Irish tunes 
known through artists such as the Irish Rovers, Ryan’s Fancy, the Clancy Brothers and the 
Dubiners to name a few. And, in the spirit of sharing the joy of old-time music favorites, we are known to also play classic 
tunes from the bluegrass, folk and country genres.

Saltwater Joy has two chapters, one in Nova Scotia and the other in Saskatchewan. The core, 
founding members of the band, Ray and Donna Lepitzki, reside at their homes in both 
provinces, spending several months in each location. Saltwater Joy are musicians who play the 
music they love in their retirement years, and experience the joy of sharing it. The band
entertains at community, public and private gatherings and events, theatres, festivals, and 
outdoor venues. Most importantly though, our primary mission has always been -- to bring this 
old-time music to folks who are unable to come out to it, as many folks have limited access and 
ability to experience a full band perform these well-known favorites live.

Saltwater Joy, on average, entertains folks numbering in the 6 to 7,000 range each year who 
live in special care homes and seniors’ complexes throughout our home provinces of Nova 
Scotia and Saskatchewan.

Saltwater Joy is a four-member band that plays guitars, mandolin, fiddle, accordion and bass. 
Saltwater Joy has nearly 6,000 followers on Facebook. We welcome you onboard!


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